It might sound like something from Star Trek, but a handheld gadget that scans the molecular fingerprint of physical matter and instantly gives information about its chemical makeup is now on the market.

It’s called Scios, and its Israeli inventors say it can be used for everything from finding out the calorie content of your food to checking if your medication really does include the drugs you paid for.

Anyone who has picked the wrong punchbowl at a party, or wants to resist a diet-busting cake, will understand the value of knowing exactly what’s in what you’re eating. This new pocket scanner delivers that power by instantaneously giving the user a breakdown of alcohol, sugar, or calorie content.

The brainchild of Israeli start-up Consumer Physics, it uses mass spectrometry to read a substance’s “molecular fingerprint” by shining near Infra-Red light on it, stimulating the molecules and then it records their reactions. Then an app displays the analyzed values on a smart phone, measuring the fat, protein and carbohydrate content to the milligram, as well as the overall quality.

This basic technology has been industry standard for decades assuring quality control of oil, sewage or chemicals. The SCiO is the first portable spectrometer for consumers, offering a wide variety of applications.

Apps are already available so users can analyze their medicines or check the health of their houseplants. SCiO could even be a protective tool for clubbers to check if their drink has been spiked. The device can be applied to the environment as well. For instance, an athlete might scan the track or field in order to optimize its playability. Future apps will analyze jewels and precious stones, metals, leather and even human tissue and bodily fluids


Most of the new fitness wearables fit on the arm, using bands that wrap around your wrist to track your activity levels and sleep patterns 24/7. LifeBeam is an Israeli company specializing in aerospace wearables that has moved from the arm to the head by introducing a smart hat that has sensors to track heart rate, cadence, gait and calorie consumption.

LifeBeam realizes that you won’t wear its product 24/7 like the wrist-worn wearables , but that’s the whole point. The LifeBeam hat is for cyclists and runners who want full in-depth information about their workouts in order to push their bodies even harder and to improve their race times. It also works well for those who just don’t like the feel of wrist-worn wearables.

The hat comes in traditional baseball cap and visor styles and a sleek bike helmet and connects with Android, iOS and Windows devices via Bluetooth. You can hook up to Bluetooth-enabled treadmills or stationary bikes some GPS trackers and even some bike computers.

LifeBeam hats and visors are motion-resistant, waterproof, and washable, tested by some of the world’s most demanding users at high intensity levels and trying weather conditions according to LifeBeam CEO Omri Yoffe. Athletes can use these everywhere and send their data to any device or app. This provides choice and knowledge to allow people to get the most out of training.

LifeBeam has had to use different technology than the wrist and chest worn wearables to put heart-rate tracking function into hat form. Instead of the EKG technology found in most bands, the LifeBeam hat relies on sensors that measure blood flow using a process called photoplethysmography (PPG).

When asked to list the advantages of the heart rate sensing hat over wrist or chest straps, Yoffe referred to the accuracy, convenience and is sure that its fluid connectivity with most popular fitness apps will convince consumers to get on board.


If you love grilling, light your fire with BBQ Dragon, the coolest tool to heat up your charcoal. It’s a fact that oxygen fuels fire, so BBQ Dragon just harnesses that magic using this battery-powered, hands-free, high-powered blower, a breath of fresh air, literally, for your fire-starting needs.

Essentially it’s a fan. The cordless BBQ Dragon shoots a stream of cool air into your fire to accelerate the burning process. The stainless steel device has a variable speed controller and a flexible arm which easily clips to the side of most any grill or smoker.

It speeds the burning of the charcoal so you get a nice bed of coals ASAP, and lets you kick up those dying coals with a quick blast of O2, to keep your fire burning longer than ever. Plus, it’s micro-USB-rechargeable, so it’s always ready to go.


Going off the grid has an allure for many vacationers, but you’d like to be remote, yet still be able to charge your camera, or phone. A lack of an electrical connection can be a challenge. The Bushnell SolarBook 850 gives you a handy portable battery to take along with you.

SolarBook is around the size of a medium hardcover book, which makes it a pretty compact traveling companion. Inside are flexible solar panels which can collect power even on partially cloudy days.

The lithium ion battery charges in about 3.5 hours in full sunlight, or can also be charged from a wall outlet. When fully charged, it provides a camera or GPS with up to five charges, and a smart phone up to two.

The SolarBook boasts two USB outputs for charging two devices plus a micro USB input for charging from a wall outlet. For a long-haul hiker, the five-solar-panel, dual lithium-ion power pack reduces clutter, folding into its own hardshell case, and the four-light display makes tracking of power consumption simple.


Gnarboard’s Trail Rider electric skateboard offers four-wheel drive, all-terrain tires and a 28mph top speed. It has been likened to a “Ferrari for your feet, boasting a power-to-weight ratio that would put many cars to shame

It is the most powerful electric skateboard in the Gnarboard stable, which includes the Road Warrior and the Commuter.

This sturdy aluminum skate deck gets its power from four electric motors, each delivering 850W of output so that the Trail Rider achieves much better acceleration than most on-road cars. Further, it runs 26 km with a single charge, which only takes around 2-hours to complete from a completely spent full-charged battery.

Using a double-ended, wired hand control, the rider himself harnesses all that raw power. The power is engaged by squeezing the power toggle in one direction. Squeezing in the opposite direction puts on the regenerative brakes. Additionally, the MBS Foot Bindings keep the rider stable on the board while its exclusive all-terrain tires conquer grassy campus knolls and hiking trails with ease.


These motorized skates aren’t actually powered by rockets, but they’re quite the improvement over previous efforts at motorized skates. RocketSkates are nearly six pounds lighter than earlier models and have four hub motors instead of two. They are 15 percent smaller and zoom you around at up to 12 miles per hour.

The biggest innovation? The RocketSkates don’t require a remote. Just like regular skates, they let you zip down the sidewalk totally hands-free. And you can wear most regular shoes with the RocketSkate – just strap it on and you’re ready to get started. It comes with a large or small foot plate to better fit your feet. You decide which foot you prefer to be your lead skate, which tells the other skate what to do. To accelerate, you tilt forward. To slow down, you just tilt back on your heels. They’re like mini Segways for your feet. Each skate has an onboard microprocessor and is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.

The latest feature to set these RocketSkates apart is a companion app for both IOS and Android, that connects via Bluetooth. It can provide a variety of information – including how far you’ve traveled and battery status. It can record your route for you so that you can compare it with others. You can even use the app to wirelessly turn the lead skate into an RC car for of fun.


Are you a Trekkie? Then you really need this in your life! It’s one of the best Star Trek accessory, ever. Painstakingly 3D scanned from the last prop phaser in existence, it is a true work of art! Every geeks dream! Not only is it an amazing replica but also a multi-function remote control. It boasts advanced gesture-based controls, compatible with most home electronics, even your iPod dock. You can “stun” the TV on or off, adjust volume with a flick of the wrist and much more.

Nine gestures in 4 memory banks give you 36 programmable functions. And the coolest part of all, the Phaser remote has authentic special FX sounds from the Star Trek universe! So when you’re home alone you can sneak around the house shooting fantasy Klingons and Jem’Hadar to bits without the need to make the “pew pew pew” noise yourself!

The Phaser remote displays easily on your coffee table with the stand accessory and the presentation box looks like it was just shipped straight from Star Fleet Academy. The attention to detail on every part is downright fanatical.

And if all of the above isn’t enough, the Phaser Remote also features a removable type-! Phaser. The Phaser I functions as a standalone gesture-enabled universal remote control and also slots into the Phaser II pistol-grip base, which supports additional controls. It can store 36 programmable gestures. Enough to control all your Earth-based entertainment devices. The combined unit (Phaser I and Phaser II joined) features a varied range of settings and beam strengths, including the different Phaser firing sounds (including a Phaser Overload sequence) and genuine Starship Enterprise sounds.


There are few leisure activities more enjoyable than cooking in your own yard. The Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen has everything you need for al fresco cooking, even the kitchen sink. It’s modular and minimalist and extremely durable. You can add on all the parts your heart desires. No worry about it falling apart, succumbing to the elements or junking up your patio. With a handy sink, ample grill, granite work-top, and firewood rack, it is all you need to cook a fabulous meal without setting foot in the house. The perfect thing for when the weather’s warm and the sun is high.

Outdoor cooking is fun. That’s why weekend barbecues feel more special than your nightly chores in the kitchen. That’s exactly why Ulaelu brings the convenience of the kitchen to the backyard – to make all your cooking fun.

The Ulaelu’s basic unit is the aluminum frame with an empty top and lower storage area with thermal treated ash grates at its base. Measuring 850 x 610 x 1520 mm, it is compact enough to fit in anywhere in the backyard. And you can customize the top with a variety of modules to equip it to suit your needs from basic barbecue.

It offers a worktop in two sizes, both made from natural stone, to be weather-resistant and ideal for a base for its gas cooker. A drain can also be added right into the worktop, for quick cleanups while prepping your ingredients. The optional sink comes with a tap that can hook up directly to your garden hose. In addition to the gas unit, there’s a charcoal grill module, complete with a firewood rack, so you can put your woodsman skills to good use.


With its all-electric outboard motor, unique steering system, and innovative aerodynamic design, this ultra-light, eco-friendly watercraft is unlike anything else on the water. You can glide through the water at a cruising speed of up to 20 knots, and not risk a drop of oil sullying the environment.

The Quadrofoil’s technology utilizes buoyancy force to lift the vessel above the water’s surface and move forward with minimum resistance. It has a range of around 60 miles on a single charge. The cockpit features a touch screen display that has all your battery power, range, speed and consumption details available at a glance.

Quadrofoil takes recreational marine transportation to a new level of fun and environmental friendliness. Its custom outboard motor propulsion uses c-foil technology, enabling it to be several times more efficient than water-vehicles currently on the market.

The electric motor can be fully charged in less than two hours and runs nearly noiselessly so it is suitable for most all waterways, even marine protected areas. Patented stabilizes make the vessel responsive when flying on the water. This airtight hydrodynamic vehicle will begin shipping its limited edition series 2015.


Dash is a diminutive blue robot which can be programmed to play a xylophone, kick a ball, play like a dog and deliver fun messages like the “Happy Birthday” song. Its head spins 360 degrees and has a single, Cyclops-like eye. Dash often emits a cheerful chime to show that it approves of its programmer’s actions.

Saurabh Gupta, one of Dash’s team of creators, says such anthropomorphic qualities make the robot seem more like a friend or a pet than an object, making it more appealing to its programmers – children as young as 5, teenagers, or whimsical adults.

Mr. Gupta, who formerly supervised iPod software teams for Apple is a co-founder and the chief tech officer of Wonder Workshop, one of new field of companies seeking to teach programming to children using robotics. Wonder Workshop was created by parents frustrated by a lack of opportunities for children to learn programming.

Dash and Dot allow children to program the robots using tablets or smartphones with a Bluetooth connection that works with apps on those devices. The Wonder Workshop robots also include more complex capabilities for older kids, teenagers and even adults who want to learn to code or program their own apps for the robot.

Dash and Dot are programmed via a software package called Blockly, a drag-and-drop language which can be used by children as young as 5. They can have as much fun playing with Dash and Dot as with any other toy, while they learn the basics of coding.